L.O.C/L.C.O Method

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Today's topic is covered by the one and only Maha Al Kharusi from Curl Heritage where she breaks down to us what the LOC method is and its benefits for having luscious curls like hers. And here's what she had to say:
"So now that you've got the products, now what? Curls are naturally drier than other hair types, so to ensure that they are moisturized we layer our products with the L.O.C/L.C.O. method. Anyone who's aiming for hair length needs to ensure that their hair is properly moisturized to avoid breakage.
The acronyms represent the order in which you'd apply your products. It starts off with water/ liquid based products, then either an oil to seal in the moisture and a cream(to define and create a surface barrier to external elements like sun exposure, humidity etc) or cream first then an oil to seal the products in. Note that a gel can be applied on top of this or even be substituted for oil. Changing the order in application will produce different results, personally the L.C.O method works for me.
For hair that is easily weighted down or for those with low porosity need to be weary of this method, and some may need to skip a step (for example, leave in conditioner and oil/gel only - no cream, or substitute cream for a lighter product like milk/lotion).
For those with high porosityhair, its best to add these products when your hair is soaking wet to ensure the hair absorbs all the moisture goodness and seals that moisture in.
The point of this method is to ensure that your curls stay healthy and hydrated. 
Moisture. Seal. Refresh.
This way you can go on to have you day 2,3,4 hair."
There you have it, LOC method simplified, by the one and only Maha. Follow her on Social media @curl.heritage for more curl tips and tricks and inspiration. 
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