Hair Porosity


In simple words, it’s your hair's ability to retain moisture or absorb water.
Three hair porosity levels:
  • Curls take longer to dry.
  • Products tend to build up on curls rather than getting absorbed.
  • Natural oils sit on your hair rather than penetrating your hair cuticle.
  • Bouncy curls.
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Retains moisture easily.
  • Holds styles well and can be colored with good results.
  • Requires more products even though it absorbs moisture easily.
  • Curls often look and feel dry.
  • Curls are often frizzy.
  • Curls dry quickly.
How do know whats your hair porosity type?
A simple strand test will do. Fill a glass with room temperature water. Then take a strand of your CLEAN hair (very important, hair has got to be clean and product-free). Place the hair strand on the glass of water and observe what happens:
If your hair floats on top of the glass = Low Porosity
If your hair sinks at the bottom of the glass = High Porosity
Good thing is, there are products for every hair type. You just have to know which ones work best for your hair type. Stay tuned for the next post which will be a guide for choosing the right products for your hair type.
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