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Believe it or not, but curly hair is thirsty hair. And as you all know, I swear by deep conditioning. Deep conditioning these thirsty curls is everything. On this blog post, I'm going to answer your questions on this topic and  discuss the benefits of deep conditioning, its methods, the types available in the market and how to make the best out of your deep conditioning masks.


Q. How do you know if your hair damaged and needs deep conditioning?
Dry hair, hair that has a lot of split ends or is prone to breakage is damaged hair. Curly hair in general can always benefit out of a deep conditioner as  having a well moisturized hair is key in maintaining your curl pattern.
Q. What are the benefits of deep conditioning your hair?
1- Promotes elasticity
2- Adds shine
3- More defined curls
4- Promotes healthier hair 
5- Less Breakage
6- Less split ends
7- Leads to hair growth
Q. How often should i deep condition my hair?
Once or twice a week.
Q. For how long do I keep the conditioner on my hair?
In my experience, it varies from one person to another. It also depends on the the ingredients in the deep conditioner itself. You can refer to the directions on the product label or consider experimenting with your hair. Start with a 20 mins and work your way up.
Q. Is there such thing as over conditioning?
Yes! Over conditioning causes your hair to get softer and weaker. Its also kills your curls and make your hair look flat!
Q. What types of Deep conditioners available in the market?
There are mainly two types of deep conditioners:
1- Protein Deep Conditioners 
2- Moisturizing Deep conditioners
Protein Deep Conditioners:
Protein deep conditioners are used to infuse hair with hydrolyzed protein and sometimes ceramides. 
Suitable for: Color-treated, relaxed hair or simply one that shows signs of dry brittle hair.
Application: once every 2-4 months
Try out:
Moisturizing Deep Conditioners:
Moisturizing deep conditioners are used to help attract condition and moisture to our hair. Moisturizing deep conditioners will contain water as a first ingredient. You’ll definitely see a difference in your hair when using it on a weekly basis.
Suitable for: Every natural.
Application: Once every week.
Try out:
For very dry hair:
For transitioning hair:
For High porosity hair:
For dry scalp:
Q. Whats the ideal way to deep condition one's hair?
There is no ideal way but you can always boost your conditioner’s efficiency by incorporating one of the following methods when applying your DC:
  • Using a steamer 
  • Wrapping your hair with a condition cap or plastic bag (making sure its tight) while the conditioner is on your hair.(Try out our cholesterol condition cap designed to trap heat and moisture)
  • Adding to that, pop a wet towel into a microwave till it gets hot (not too hot though), then wrap it around your plastic hair cap allowing the warmth from the towel to penetrate through the plastic cap and to your conditioner.
  • Pour some of your deep conditioner in in a glass container, place that container in a hot bath tub for 10 mins then apply that conditioner to your hair. And you jut got you a hot oil treatment!
I hope I've answered all your burning questions about Deep Conditioning. I am by no means a hair professional, but over the years I have developed the knowledge and experience on how to deal with my beautiful curls. Here I am passing that knowledge to you and hoping you would benefit from it. Remember, your hair is perfect, you just have to get to know it and know how to deal with it.
Love and light,
Promise x


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